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By: Marcia Baraldi

 After searching in international bibliographies I realized that there was a need for something written in a more didactical, specific and focused on quilting way. It was when I had the desire of launching books that could help people in the process of developing of the free-quilting.
In 2014, I released the first Brazilian technic Quilting book: "Quilting Livre Desvendando Segredos". In that book, I presented techniques, exercises, galleries, a kind of "manual" of accessible language and encouraging for those who have the desire to learn this art, the art of quilting.
In 2016, I launched "Quilting Livre Com o Uso de Réguas" (Free Motion Ruler Work), a book with instructions that came from knowledge and experience, not just theoretical, but, especially, practical, teaching the ideal posture, correct use of the accessories, and phases of the Quilting Rulers® usage.

   "Today, quilting represents the expression of my way of living."

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