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I was born in a Family of seamstresses, embroiderers, and crocheters. My first sewing machine was inherited from my grandmother, who had promised to pass her biggest treasure to her first granddaughter. I never imagined that I would go through so many different paths before entering the art world and being the precursor to spread of Free Quilting in Brazil.
With my degree in Business Administration and System Analyst, I have worked in the Technology Area for 25 years, without ever sewing. I had radical sports as a Hobby. I was Brazilian Champion of wind-surfing in 1997 and in 1998 I represented Brazil on the World Championship in Austria.
At the best phase of my life, when I was married to a wonderful man and had a beautiful 3-year-old daughter, appeared severe symptoms of depression. I was diagnosed with cancer at an advanced stage that was spreading. After 2 years of treatment, surgeries, and loss of movements, the illness was stabilized and was time to restart.
With the help of an Angel called Angêla, my Psychiatrist, I searched for an artisanal activity, and then, I had my first contact with the Patchwork and Quilting techniques.
In love at first sight with Quilting, I started to study the subject deeply. With the intention of perfecting my skills, I started to participate in contests as a form of rating my performance.
As a result, I accumulated dozens of awards since 2010 on National Contests and since 2013 on International Contests.
In spite of merits acquired as a Quilting artist, what I most love to do is sharing my knowledge.
In the beginning, I had a lot of difficulties finding courseware for everyone to have access to this beautiful art.
Today, besides an author, designer, and quilter, I participate on Quilting shows and I’m an invited teacher to several Workshops all over Brazil and in numerous countries in the Latin America, as Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico where I was honored at the launch of my book in Spanish.
2017 was a year full of challenges: giving classes, launching my book in English and participating in quilting shows in the United States. These events were realized successfully!
Thanks to everyone that believed me!
“My dream is to be recognized as a person that made a difference in someone’s life, a person that showed that they can and are capable.”
As I’m capable, YOU are too!

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