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Butterfly Quilting Design

Step by Step Butterfly Quilting Design

Today I will show you how to make a Butterfly Quilting Design. That you can use it individually or as a filler on your projects!

It is easier to practice drawing by drawing on paper before going to the machine. Just follow the steps below:

1 – Then, first you draw five points as in a die.

2 – Then you use the rotation movement to create something like a drop or tear.

3 – From the middle point, you draw one drop on the lower left point and return to the middle dot of the dice.

4 – From the middle point you draw another drop on the opposite side (the upper right dot) and return again to the middle dot.

5 – Starting from the middle dot again you draw the drop on the upper left dot and return to the middle.

6 – And the 4th drop on the opposite side, the right down dot and return to the middle dot.

Now it´s time to start giving shape for the Butterfly.

7 – Draw another drop on the right upper side bigger than the first drop. Do it like it is echoing/ amplifying the drop design.

8 – Return to the middle dot and do the same drop amplification design on the left upper side.

9 – For last, use rotation movement to make a design that will look like your butterfly is flying.

Attention: It´s very important to train this design on a paper so your brain will know how to do it on the machine even when using erasable marking pen.

10 – Now it´s time to go to the machine and quilt it!! If you prefer, you can use an erasable marking pen to draw the design on the fabric and quilt on the top.

Do Like it? Let us know how well this tutorial helped you and send us pictures of your project!

If you have any questions send us an e-mail!

Marcia Baraldi

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