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Tutorial Feather Design!

Feathers Quilting Block

I´ll show you how to make these beautiful Feathers´ Block!

You´ll need paper, a temporary pen, a ruler and the quilt sandwich!

It´s very important to first practice it on a paper, then quilt it on the sandwich.

Step 1- Draw a circle of 5 inches long. And find the middle point.

Step 2- Draw a parallel circle inside of it with a ½ inch distance from the 1st circle line.

Step 3- Use the middle point to draw 2 lines that will divide the circle. One vertically and the other horizontally.

Step 4- Draw more lines between each part

Step 5- And then draw more lines between the new spaces created.

Step 6- From the middle point, draw a curved line to point 1

Step 7- From point 1 draw a clamshell to point 2

Step 8-Trace back to point 1

Step 9- Draw another clamshell, now to point 3

Step 10- Draw back to the middle point.

Continue on doing the same process from the middle point of the circle to the next line. You can turn the paper in a position that will be easier to draw.







When you got the moves you can already go to the quilt sandwich

Step- 11 Now it´s time to draw the same circle and marks on the sandwich using the same temporary pen!

Step12- Now that you´ve already practiced on the paper, your brain knows how to do it! Just follow the steps on the machine!

The final result is amazing!!!

Enjoy? Share it with your friends!

More tutorials on my youtube channel here! 

If you have any questions please write to us at

Happy Quilting!

Marcia Baraldi

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