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A Simple solution to keep Quilting Rulers and Templates under control

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

One of the trickiest things when working with Rulers and templates is to maintain them stable on the quilt sandwich when quilting.

I have experienced it and I remembered when I first started using quilting rulers for domestic machines sometimes my stitches went out of the track. But I did not know one smart trick- to use a grip tape. 

After trying different types of Grips and Tapes, I found one it presented to be the best for me- the Non-slip Grip Tape. 

This tape is not sticky tape, so it won´t damage the fabric or the Ruler, it looks like a silicone tape and it´s clear, so you can see the marks on the ruler.

Another important feature of this tape is that you only need to apply small pieces on different parts to the backs of Ruler providing a long-lasting grippy surface, which makes them economic as well.

This simple solution has really upgraded my quilting ruler skills!

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