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Angela Walters tries Marcia Baraldi Quilting Grip Gloves

Today Facebook has brought me a memory of this Day in 2017 when I met Angela Walters and she tried Marcia Baraldi Free-motion Quilting Grip Gloves. It was a very special moment in my life! Although I have already developed many quilting tools like the Meander Ruler to be used with a Ruler’s foot and other free-motion quilting tools, see her wearing my gloves was special.

I still see Angela as a present influence for me. When I started quilting, she´d collaborated with the improvement of my quilting skills. Today I´m an awarded quilter and recognized quilting teacher in Brazil and around the world and I have been sharing my knowledge in the Houston International Quilt Festival in the past 3 years with several classes.

The main products for quilting that I´ve developed are the Meander Ruler in  2016 and the Quilting Grip Gloves. Together, both are successful sales in America. 

Thank you Angela for this moment!

Happy Quilting! 

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