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Quilter´s favorite Meander Ruler for Longarm Machines!

The Meander Quilting Ruler has now a version for longarm machines. Now, quilters worldwide who have Longarm Sewing Machines will enjoy the benefits of this incredible quilting tool to make the stipple design easily.

More than 6 years ago, the Meander Ruler was developed by me to help my quilting students easily quilt the most desired design by quilters: The Meander or Stipple.

This template was a great sales success during all these years due to its practicality and ease of use, being distributed in several countries under the original brand Marcia Baraldi!

Cut in transparent blue acrylic, and trademark registered by Marcia Baraldi Brand, the ¼ inch thick Meander Ruler was developed for Longarm Sewing Machines

In response to the request of many longarm quilters, I developed a model with the right thickness and size to be used in this type of Sewing Machine.

To be used more easily, I suggest placing small pieces of Non-slip grip tape to avoid the ruler slipping onto the sandwich and an enormous dose of love for the project.

Position the ruler in such a way that the path design follows in a horizontal direction. Support the ruler on the quilt and move the sandwich and the Ruler, when you reach the end, spin the ruler 180 degrees and keep following the path.

Look at the pictures below sent by some quilters

Quilt by the quilter Anne Lois

Picture sent by the Quilter Judy Faupel

See the Meander Ruler for Longarm machine here!

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