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Quilting Grip Gloves for Free-motion quilting

When I started free-motion quilting some years ago I´ve tried different types of quilting gloves and I couldn´t find one that was at the same time comfortable, practical and did not let my hands sweat.

So was then that I developed the Quilting Grip gloves! They are not like the typical gloves, that go over your entire hand, but they leave your fingers free so you can still handle needles, pins, and thread, so no more sweaty hands!  Also, it´s easy to put them on, and they´re adjustable to any hand size!  


One of the most important features of these gloves is the good grip on the palm of the hands. This grip makes the quilter use this area to quilt, avoiding using fingertips.

It´s not common knowledge, but when using fingertips to quilt, the arms, wrist, and shoulder stay in a stressed position, causing back and neck pain, and can slowly develop carpal tunnel problems. So when using the gloves, the hands will be facing down, and the body can follow suit, keeping it nice and erect.

These quilting grip gloves have become a success in my country and now they are crossing the ocean and helping many quilters around the world to simplify free-motion quilting abilities by creating smooth curves, even stitches, and avoiding health issues. 

See what other quilters think of them:

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