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Meander Ruler for Longarm machines!

It´s been some time since I connected with you here, but today I´d like to share an exciting new quilting tool!

The Meander Ruler was originally developed by me about 6 years ago and it has been a success around the world! Today I´d like to present to you the LOGARM version of this template!

A lot of quilters had contacted me asking for a 1/4 inch thickness Meander Ruler so they could use it along with their Longarm machines! Now it´s possible!

I´ve developed an exclusive longarm Meander Ruler Design so the quilter can feel safe knowing that this toll will sure work on her machine!


The Longarm Meander Ruler is made of resistant material, with 1/4″ thickness, the perfect measure for Longarms. Attaching pieces of a Non-slip grip tape gives better stability between the Ruler and the quilt, avoiding the template to slide on the fabric.

Imagine the perfect meandering you can create using your Long Arm and/or Midarm machines!  Save time on quilting big quilts and have fun!

This new product is now available for purchase! Click here to see it! 

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