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Marcia Baraldi Workshops!

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Quilting is my passion, teaching quilting even more!

Nine years ago I gave my first Quilting Class in Brazil! It was a challenge at that time, but challenges are what makes us grow right? Before teaching my first class I was (and still am) a dedicated student. All the classes that I could take I took, I went far from home to learn new techniques and quilting skills, and nowadays I am constantly learning from Brazilian quilters, International quilters, and even my students! Today I teach in many cities in Brazil and several countries in Latin America as Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, and the United States at Guilds, Quilt shops, Festivals, and Shows.

One of the things I like the most on classes is to see how one person can enhance its skills so quickly if feels motivated to do it. I always say that quilting is a movement, not drawing, and to be good at this movement you need to practice. There are several different methods to practice it in an effective way and that´s what makes possible to become a successful quilter! In one of the techniques I developed, with only 3 movements the student can create many different designs. All the techniques and methods I developed are easy to understand and put in practice.

So if I could give you a tip it would be, study and practice the more you can and believe in yourself! The rest is a consequence.

Gramado-Brazil                                           Houston- USA

Campos do Jordão- Brazil                           Orlando- FL/USA /Litlte Thimble Store

Uruguai                                                    Londrina- Brazil

Houston- USA                                             Houston-USA

Rio de Janeiro-Brazil                                 Chile

Mexico                                                          Porto Alegre- Brazil

Miami- FL/USA                          Buenos Aires-Argentina- Atelie Cecília Koppmann

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