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Quilting Grip Gloves

Hello Quilter!

I was very happy to learn about the popularity of the products I developed for quilters, also in the United States, specifically quilting grip gloves.

I'm a Brazilian quilter, passionate about the technique, and I confess that the intention in developing the glove was to solve a personal problem. I have psoriasis on my hands, a type of allergy that when I used conventional quilting gloves, the allergy got much worse.

So I started to develop a glove that was very adherent to the fabric when sewing and quilting and was very open to ventilate my hand and not cause allergies.

I started using the gloves, and I showed them in videos and in classes and my students loved them and wanted to have them too. So I made a small production of the gloves to serve my students, but the success continued and more quilters wanted the gloves.

When I realized that the product suited all quilters, I documented it, registered the brand and started producing the gloves on a scale.

I presented the gloves at a quilt show in Houston and the Janome managers loved the product and asked me to develop the product with my brand for the SEW Confort line, and again it was a great success.

Today, American quilters can purchase them on Amazon, Etsy and in some Quilt Shops* in several American states.

*If you have a quilt shop and are interested in reselling this product, please get in touch -

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