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Quilting Rulers and Templates

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Quilting Templates for machine quilting help beginners and experienced quilters to free-motion quilting quickly and comfortably right on a domestic machine.

Obtain wonderful quilted effects such as stipple or meander, and get pieces ready without marking complex designs or relying on coordination to make repetitive designs. Let the Quilting Rulers make the hard work for you!

Make sure to use a Ruler Foot that fits on your sewing machine. Simply position the ruler on top of the quilt sandwich and the Ruler Foot goes inside the ruler path, then smoothly steer the ruler and sandwich together when quilting to make the designs.

Another important thing is to add some small pieces of a Non-slip Grip Tape on the side that will be facing the fabric, to avoid the Ruler to slip on your sandwich as you steer them together against the Ruler foot.

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