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Quilts Exhibitions!!

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Every year Marcia Baraldi participates in Quilt Exhibitions around the World. In Brazil, she already displayed her quilts in Quilt Shows, Quilt Contest Exhibitions and Public Spaces!

In some of these exhibitions, the quilts of her students are featured as well. These quilters produce one quilt using the techniques learned at the Marcia Baraldi Online Quilting Courses and show to the public their art!

Yes, you´ve heard it right! Marcia Baraldi quilting classes are online! Since 2016 she has launched more than 5 online workshops in Brazil teaching different classes.

More than 600 students has already participated in at least one of the workshops and their quilts travel around Quilt Shows at the Exhibitions!

Here are some pics from the Latest Exhibition at Iguatemi Mall In Florianopolis-BR:

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