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Ruler Foot for Quilting Rulers and Templates

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Free-motion quilting with Rulers has become more and more popular as quilters started to discover these amazing tools for precise quilting!   

The Rulers differ from their sizes, shapes, and brands, giving the possibility to make a variety of designs and creations! Regardless of which one you choose, there is one detail you must be aware of before starting. Quilting Rulers for domestic machines require a special foot to use with it: the Ruler foot. Otherwise, it will be a tool with no use. 

Ruler foot is a type of darning foot developed to be used with rulers. They are rounded, measuring approximately 1/2 inch of diameter and made with resistant materials but not hard enough to damage the rulers or the machine for first-time users. 

Look below the difference between quilts made with Rulers and without Rulers:

The Ruler foot Marcia Baraldi developed was created after several studies testing different types of material to create an excellent product. She then came with this Ruler foot made with a very resistant material that when used correctly, won´t break, but if some accident happens, causing it to crack or break, the machine won´t be damaged because the MB Ruler foot is not made of metal material.

Happy Quilting!

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